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26 November 2006 @ 04:45 pm
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Have you made any Doctor Who mood themes?  Please consider posting them here.  I know the community doesn't have many members yet, but I haven't started promoting it yet and won't until the first theme has been posted.  Hopefully before long this community will bring your mood themes to a large new audience. 

To apply for posting access, simply leave a comment to this post and include a link to at least one mood theme you have made.  This is simply to show that you are a mood maker rather than someone who intends to post spam.  Anyone who has Doctor Who mood themes will be given posting access.

A [info]torchwood_moods community exists for the spin-off series, and a [info]dw_tw_moods community also exists for posting both Doctor Who and Torchwood themes at the same place.  You may be interested in posting your mood themes at either of those communities too.